Inspection Board

The Inspection Board comprises the President of the Inspection Board, two deputy presidents, chief inspectors and inspectors.
The Council Inspection Board performs its duties on behalf of the Council and under the supervision of the Head of the Third Chamber.
The Council Inspectors are responsible to the President of the Council Inspection Board when exercising their functions. The President of the Inspection Board is responsible to the Council.
Procedures of Appointment
»»The President and Deputy Presidents of the Council Inspection Board are appointed from among the first class judges or prosecutors,
»»The Council chief inspectors are appointed, according to order of seniority, from among inspectors who have actually completed five years of service in the Council Inspection Board, who have been classified as first class or who have not lost qualifications for classification to first class,
»»The Council inspectors are appointed, from among those who have actually worked as judges and prosecutors for a minimum of eight years and whose significant achievements have been understood to be beneficial as a Council Inspector.